Factory Floor

Industrial 6000-gpm Pumper

Sold to Koch Methanol St. James, Louisiana

Quick Look

Truck Type: Industrial Pumper

Chassis Model

◆ Monarch Chassis 4-door 4-person “Tilting” cab, 59,000 lb. GVWR
◆ 250” Wheelbase, 11’ 4” Overall Height, 100” Overall Width, 37’ Overall Length
◆ Double-110,000 psi Domex coated 10” Frame Rails, Front Below-the-Frame Painted Tow Eyes
◆ Ross TAS-85 Power Steering, Spicer SPL250 Driveline
◆ Cummins ISX-15, 600HP
◆ Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters, Fleetguard Fuel Pro FH230, Heated Fuel/Water Separator
◆ Emergency Engine Shutdown, Remote Activation & Reset, Jacobs Engine Brake
◆ Allison Gen 5 EVS4000, Transmission Cooler and Touch Pad Shifter with 5 Gears Open, 6th Gear Locked
◆ Engine Fan Clutch, 100-Gallon Fuel Tank, Fuel Cooler, DEF Tank
◆ 12-volt Electrical System, 420-Amp Alternator, Four (4) Type 31 12V Batteries
◆ Master Disconnect Switch, Battery Jumper Posts, 120-Volt Auto-Eject Shoreline
◆ 40-Amp Automatic Battery Charger with Charge Display
◆ 24,000 lb. Front Axle with Spring Suspension, Michelin 425/65R22.5 LLLRL XFE Tires
◆ 35,000 lb. Rear Axle, Air-Ride suspension, Michelin 315/80R22.5 Highway Tread Tires
◆ Alcoa Tubeless 10-Hole Aluminum Wheels, 22.5x12.25 Front, 22.5 x 9.0 Rear
◆ Stainless Hub Covers & Chrome Lug Caps, Mud Flaps Front & Rear
◆ Tire Pressure Monitors, 120-Volt Auto Air Pump
◆ Front Brakes 6” Front Steer Tek Disc Plus EX225,
◆ Rear Brakes Dana 35,000-lb. drum, WABCO 4-Channel ABS, WABCO Air Dryer, Electronic Stability Control
◆ 98” Wide / 130” Long (62” aft) 3/16” Thick Aluminum, 15” Raised Roof Cab, Underside Box Tube Sub-Frame
◆ Air-Operated Cab Tilt, Manual Back-Up System, Lock-Down Latches, Tilt Controls, at Mid-Ship Walkway
◆ Four (4) Full Length Cab Doors, Auxiliary Under-Cab Steps with Ground LED Ground Lighting
◆ Power-Operated Cab Door Windows, Fixed Mid-Cab Side Windows
◆ Electric Intermittent Wipers, Lang Merka 300 Series Remote Controlled & Heated Mirrors
◆ Laser-Cut Polished Stainless Steel Front Grille, Backlit Lower Grille Lettering
◆ 18” Polished Stainless Steel Wrap-Around Front Bumper, Diamondplate Sides
◆ Full Width Storage Well with Deep Center, 2” Raised Treadplate Cover
◆ Dual Grover Rectangular Air Horns with Lanyard Control
◆ Whelen 295HFS2 Electronic Siren with Speaker(s) Behind Grille
◆ Federal Q2-B Mechanical Siren, Recessed into Centerline Front Grille
◆ Driver Side Foot Switch, Officer Momentary Switch, Dual Brake Switches
◆ LED Firetech 4x6 Headlights with Dual Stainless Steel Housings, Whelen 400 Front Turn Lights
◆ Knurled Polished Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior Handrails, Interior Black Rubberized Grabrails
◆ Diamondplate Polished Aluminum Exterior Rear of Cab
◆ Multispec Gray Speckle Paint Interior with Gray-Black Durawear Trim
◆ Black Rubberized Floor, Full Length Engine Enclosure with Black Scorpion Urethane Blend Covering
◆ Full Stainless-Steel Door Liners
◆ Center Console with Map Book Storage, Top of Engine Tunnel, FDNY Style Glove Box
◆ 12-Volt Interior Cab Power Points, USB Power Points, Accessory Fuse Panel, Power Studs
◆ Vehicle Data Recorder, Programmable Load Manager, High Idle
◆ High Capacity Defroster with Ductwork Entire Windshield, Severe Climate HVAC , Heat-to-Feet, A/C -to-Face
◆ USSC Valor ABTS seating: Air-Ride Driver Seat, IMMI Smart Dock SCBA Officer + 2-Crew SCBA Seats
◆ EMS Cabinet on Interior Cab Rear Wall
◆ Seat Belt Warning System, Voyager Rear and Dual Side View Camera System
◆ Whelen Emergency Lighting Package including 72” LED Lightbar and M6 Lower Level Lighting
◆ LED Spectra: Front Brow and Upper Driver/Officer Sides
◆ Two-Tone Cab Paint White over Red with Break Line to Bottom of Windshield

Apparatus Body

◆ Single Axle 3-Segment 12-Gauge STAINLESS STEEL Industrial Pumper Apparatus Body and Compartments
◆ Large Diameter and Attack Line Hose Beds with Adjustable Hose Dividers and Aluminum Floor Gratings
◆ Hose Bed Fall Arrest System with Six (6) Pivoting Clip-In Eyelet Style Anchor Points
◆ Suction Hose Troughs, 1-each side with: 2-14-Foot Lengths of 8” I.D. Flexible Suction Hoses
◆ Hinged Aluminum Treadplate Hose Bed Covers, Power-Operated, with Rear Controls
◆ Stainless Steel Rear Tailboard/Platform, Full Width of Body, Laser-Grip Non-Slip Top Walk Surface
◆ 304-Stainless Steel Fabricated Apparatus Body and Compartments, All-Bolted Construction
◆ Tubular Stainless Steel Under-Body Sub-Frame, Rubber Torsional Isolator Attachment to Chassis Frame Rails
◆ Chassis Frame Rails Extended Beyond Rear Body Panel, with 3” i.d. Tow Eye Machined Into Web of each Rail
◆ Six (6) each, Full-Height Side Compartments, 70” High by 25” Deep, Satin Finish Roll-Up Compartment Doors
◆ One (1) Rear Centerline Compartment, Hinged Drop-Down Flush Door
◆ Four (4) Adjustable Height Heavy Capacity Compartment Shelves
◆ Two (2) Heavy Capacity Roll-Out Aluminum Floor Trays, Two (2) Swing-Out Tool Boards
◆ Two (2) Stainless Steel Fold-Out/Drop-Down Rear Corner Climbing Ladders 1-Driver Side and 1-Officer Side
◆ Intermediate Stainless Steel Rear Step, Full Width Between Climbing Ladders
◆ Three (3), 3-SCBA Bottle Compartments, located in 1-Driver and 2-Officer Side Wheel Well Housings

Fire Pump System

◆ Hale, 6000-gpm Dual 8FK Industrial Fire Pump, with “K” style Extra Heavy Duty Gear-Driven Transmission
◆ Water Cooled Gear Box, Mechanical Pump Seal Assemblies
◆ Hale Pneumatic Pump Shift, with Cab Dashboard Remote Shift Control Console
◆ Engine Coolant style Heat Exchanger, Class-1 Manifold Drain Valve, 12-Port with Single Control
◆ Class-1 TPG+ Engine Electronic Pressure Governor with Digital Engine Instrumentation
◆ Triple (3 each) Hale ESP Oiless 12-Volt Electric Rotary Vane Primers
◆ Two (2) Hale Intelligent Anodes with AnodePro Display, on Suction Manifolds
◆ Hale Auto Thermal Relief Valve, Pump Cooling System, Operator’s Panel Controlled Pump Cooling Line (to ground)
◆ Akron Ball style Hose Line and Butterfly style LDH Discharge Valves, Jamesbury Butterfly Monitor Discharge Valves
◆ All Discharge Valves and Monitor Gate Valves to be provided with 12VDC Electric Actuators and Remote Controls
◆ Two (2) each, 10” Stainless Steel Longitudinal Pump Suction Manifolds, Supplying Two (2) Hale Pump 8” Intakes
◆ Six (6) each, 6” Hale MIV-E Intake Gate Valves with Integral Intake Relief Valves & Strainers
◆ Four (4) each, above Gated Intakes with 6” NST Male Threads
◆ Two (2) each, above Gated Intakes with 8” NST Male Threads, with 8” NST FM x 6” NST M Adapters
◆ Six (6) each, 6” NST Swivel Female x 6” Storz, 30-degree Inlet Adapters, with 6” Storz Caps and Cable Restraints
◆ One (1) each, 12” Non-Gated Fire Pump Suction Intake, 12” Storz, Capped with Cable Restraint
◆ One (1) each, 3” Akron Ball Gated Passenger Side Pump Suction, Air Control, 2-1/2” NST Female-Plug Capped
◆ One (1) 12” Stainless Transverse Discharge Manifold, supplied by Two (2) 6” Smooth-Sweep Discharge Branches
◆ Transverse Discharge Manifold supplies Multiple 8” Smooth-Sweep Discharge and Monitor Waterways
◆ Operator’s Panel Controlled Pavement Cooling Water Discharge, with V-pattern Nozzle overhead Exhaust Tip
◆ Two (2) Hale Intelligent Anodes with AnodePro Display, on Discharge Manifolds
◆ 13-Foam Capable Gated Discharges, Akron and Jamesbury Electric Actuated Valves with Operator’s Panel Controls
◆ 2-2” Speed-Lays, 2” Valves, 1-1/2” NSTM
◆ 1-3” Bumper Jump Line, 3” Valve, 2-1/2” NSTM
◆ 1-3” Rear (Pre-Connect), 3” Valve, 2-1/2” NSTM
◆ 2-6” Driver Side, 6” Valves, 6” NSTM x 6” Storz
◆ 2-6” Passenger Side, 6” Valves, 6” NSTM x 6” Storz
◆ 2-6” Rear Top Corner Monitors, 8” Valves, 6” ASA (dual sources: Fire Pump Foam Capable or Rear 6” Inlets)
◆ 2-6” Rear Body LDH Outlets, 8” Valves, 6” NSTM x 6” Storz (Combo Inlets for Rear Monitors)
◆ 1-6” Overhead-Pump Module Monitor, 8” Valve, 6” ASA
◆ 3-Monitors with Combination Nozzles, total of 9600-GPM:
◆ 1-Akron AeroMaster 3200-gpm, Overhead Pump, Electric Remote + Manual Wheels
◆ 2- Akron AeroMaster 3200-gpm, Overhead Pump, Electric Remote + Manual Wheels
◆ Brushed Stainless Steel “Fabricated Bolted Assembly” Full Width Top-Mount Pump Module, Two (2) Speed-Lays
◆ Four (4) Hinged Pump Module Interior Access Doors, Four (4) Removable Lower Level Pump Panels
◆ Brushed Stainless Steel Running boards, Operator’s Walkway & Intermediate Steps with Non-Slip Surfaces
◆ FoamPro AccuMax-II FURY, 300-gpm Electronically Controlled Direct-Injection Foam System
◆ Trident 300-GPM Bronze Rotary Gear Hydraulic Motor-Driven Foam Pump, Hot-Shift PTO-Driven Hydraulic Pump
◆ Stainless Steel Foam Concentrate Intake and Discharge Manifolds, 6” Stainless Steel Concentrate Strainer
◆ 1-Foam Pump Concentrate Gated Inlet, Driver Side, Foam Aux Valve Control/Display,2-1/2”NSTFM,Cap
◆ 1-Foam Pump Concentrate Gated Inlet, Passenger Side, Foam Aux Valve Control/Display,2-1/2”NSTFM,Cap
◆ 1-Foam Concentrate Tank-to-Foam Pump Suction, Foam Aux Valve, 4” Piping & Check Valve, Remote Control
◆ Maintenance Blocking ¼-turn Bronze Valve, Upstream of Foam Concentrate Tank-to-Foam Pump Valve
◆ 1-Foam Concentrate Offboard Discharge Outlet 1-1/2” NSTM, Foam Aux Control/Display
◆ 1-Foam Concentrate Tank Refill Discharge, Electric Ball Valve, Foam Aux Control/Display
◆ Top-Mount Industrial Pump System Control Panel, with Tilt-Open Instrument Panel and Overhead Strip Lighting
◆ 11-Operator’s Panel Mounted Sunlight Readable LCD Display Foam Control Consoles, with Color Coded Rain Guard
◆ Full Width Transverse Walkway/Operator’s Platform, Stainless Steel with Laser-Grip Non-Slip Surface
◆ Intermediate Steps between Pump Module Runningboards and Walkway, Knurled Tubular Stainless Steel Handrails
◆ Master Fire Pump Suction Intake and “Duplex” (Red & Blue Needle) Foam and Water Discharge Pressure Gauge
◆ 11-Discharge Outlet Digital Sunlight Readable PSI & GPM Displays, Integral with (above) Foam Control Consoles
◆ Foam Concentrate Tank Level Indicator on Operator’s Panel, Two (2) Strip-Light Level Indicators on Rear Cab Sides
◆ Vehicle Specific Color Power Point Training Presentation, Provided on Delivery Fire Pump and Foam System
◆ Hands-On Training and Vehicle Demonstrations, at Purchaser’s Location, Multiple Days-On Site

Booster Tank

◆ 1000-gallon Foam tank with NFPA foam expansion Fill Tower, L-Shaped for Reduced Height Hose Bed
◆ 2” Ball Valve Gated Tank Bottom Drain/Concentrate Sampling Port
◆ Stainless Steel Neoprene Rubber Lined Foam/Water Tank Cradle

Special Features

◆ 120-Volt Shoreline
◆ 120-Volt Gast Onboard Automatic Air Compressor
◆ 120-Volt Powermax Automatic Onboard Battery Charger

Emergency Warning Devices

◆ LED Emergency Lighting (in addition to Chassis Emerg Lighting): B, C & D Upper & Lower Whelen M6 Super LED
◆ 14-LED light strips, 2-per compartment
◆ FRC Spectra, LED Scene Lights; Apparatus Body 4-Side Facing (2-per upper side), 2-Rear Facing (1-per side)