Factory Floor


Custom built for the Refinery Terminal Company (RTFC)

Quick Look

Truck Type: Industrial Foam Tower
Aerial Platform Dimensions:1 - B4Z 36/32 CIFA Irving, boom assembly; specifically built for water and foam delivery service from tip of boom.
36-meter maximum vertical reach 118' 0"
102' 4" maximum horizontal distance from center of slewing axis
Rotating angle +/- 360 degrees
Self-supporting frame, torsion free FEM designed, and fatigue tested
Fully hydraulic outrigger controls on both sides of truck, with safety "Dead-Man" Switch
Front "X" style diagonal outriggers with single telescopic opening
Rear outriggers straight out, hydraulic out and down
Hydraulic locks on all four outrigger beams for transport
With 24" x 24" composite pads, light weight and easy to use
For pin point positioning with automatic locking brake (no drifting)
8" O.D. pipe starting at bottom of turret base (top of truck frame) to tip of boom, no pipe reduction
Vertically adjustable Monitor, Elkhart, adjustable stream Nozzle, flow capacity up to 5000-GPM
Two fully proportional radio controls, with small diameter hard wire cable as back-up, plus back-up hand controls on base.
Electrical controlled outriggers in addition to manual
Hydraulic cylinders on booms are provided with holding valves on all cylinders in both directions
Boom will have manual handles on main control valve in case of electric failure,
A diverter valve is to be built into main control valve to provide oil to outrigger valves
Flashing LED lights will be on all four outrigger legs to signify "out" position
Unit to be pressure checked, and stability tested

Chassis Model

Sutphen Monarch Chassis
100,000 psi 2-Channel Tandem Chassis Frame Rails, Domex Coated, 253” Wheelbase, Tow Eyes below Bumper
Cummins ISX-15, 600 HP Diesel Engine, with Jacobs Engine Brake, Primary and Secondary Fuel Filters
Top Air Intake with Ember Separator, Emergency Engine Shut-Down w/Reset
Ross TAS-85 Power Steering, Spicer SPL250 Severe Capacity Driveline, Tandem
Allison GEN-5 EVS4000 Automatic Transmission, Touch-Pad Shifter, Transmission Cooler, TRANSYND Fluid
Radiator Cooling Pressurized System for ISX15, Coolant Recovery, Fan Clutch, and Fire Pump Heat Exchanger
100-Gallon Stainless Steel Fuel Tank, Fuel Cooler, Remote Vented Fuel Fill, DEF Tank with Access Door
420-Amp Delco-Remy Alternator, six (6) Type 31 MHD Interstate 12-volt Batteries
Dana EFA245T, 25,500 lb. capacity Tubular Front Axle, Enhanced 25,500 lb. Front Suspension
Goodyear MICHELIN 445/65R22.5 G296A Front Tubeless Front Tires, 6” Front Meritor Cam Air Brakes
Meritor RT-60-180, 58,000 lb. 62,000 lb. capacity 68-60MPH Tandem Rear Axles, with Driver-Controlled Differential Lock
Raydan 58,000 lb. 62,000 lb. capacity Air-Ride Rear Suspension, 7” Rear Meritor Cam Air Brakes
Goodyear MICHELIN 315/80R22.5 G670 Highway Tread Tubeless Tires, 10-Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Alcoa Aluminum Polished Wheels, sized for 58,000 lb. 62,000 LB. Rear WR, 25,500 lb. Front WR, Hub & Lug Nut Covers
Air Brake System WABCO 6-Tanks, 1200 Air Dryer, 6-Channel Anti-Lock, Electronic Stability Control System
98” wide x 130” long (62” aft) 73” Aft 4-Door, 15” Raised Roof Custom Chassis Cab, w/Structural Integrity Certification
3/16” thick aluminum cab construction Hydraulic “Full-Tilt”, Manual Back-up, underside box tube sub-frame
Full Length Cab Doors, Manual Roll-Down Door Windows, Four (4) Auxiliary Cab Treadplate Aluminum Steps
Mid-Cab Side Sliding Windows, Synchronized-Intermittent Windshield Wipers,
Knurled Stainless Handrails: 4-Exterior Cab Sides w/Coat Hooks, Below Windshield, Interior Front & Rear Doors
Lang Merka 300-series Velvac Bus Style Door Mntd. Heated & Remote-Controlled Door Mounted Mirrors, Mirror Finish Stainless Front Grille
Front Bumper, Wrap-Around Polished Stainless Steel, Extended 24-inches ahead of Cab w/4-way Gravel Shield
Full Width Storage Well w/3-Deep Compartments, 1” Perimeter Lip and Hinged 2” High 4-way Aluminum Lid
Dual Grover 2040 Rectangular Air Horns Inboard Bumper, Activated Steering Wheel Button & Officer Dash
Whelen 295HFS2 Electronic Siren/PA, Two (2) Cast Products SA4201-68-A Electronic Speakers 1-Whelen Inboard Grille
Federal Q2-B Flush Grille Mounted Mechanical Siren, Activated Officer Dash + Steering Wheel Button
LED Front Headlights, Recessed into Combination Headlight/Emergency Light Stainless-Steel Housings
Whelen 400-series LED Front Turn Lights, 500-series LED Cornering Lights, Headlights Alternating Flasher
Cab Exterior: Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Scuff Plates. Aluminum Treadplate Scorpion Coating 2-tone Colored Rear Cab Wall
Cab Interior: Brushed Stainless Steel Interior Door Panels, Multispec Gray Speckle Paint, Gray Rubberized Floor
Full Size Engine Enclosure for ISX15, Scorpion Black Urethane Coated, Top Center Console w/Map Book Storage
12-Volt Electrical System Hard-Wired, Door Ajar Warning Light in Cab, High-Idle Switch, Multiple Power Points
Vehicle Date Recorder, Accessory Fuse/CB Panel, Power & Ground Studs, Interior Clear/Red Ceiling Lights
Severe Climate Heater, Air Conditioning, Defrosters with Full Windshield Ductwork
Air Ride Driver Bucket Seat, Air Ride Officer SCBA Bucket Seat, Three (3) Four (4) Crew SCBA Fixed Bucket Seats
Bostrom Secure-All SCBA Seat Brackets, 4-each, Seat Belt Warning System, Rolltek Side Curtain Airbags
Mid-Cab Interior Overhead Storage Cabinet with Lift-Up Doors D-Ring Latches, for 15” Raised Roof
Jensen Stereo HD AM/FM/WB Radio with CD Player, Multiple Front & Rear Ceiling Speakers
Safety Vision SV-CLCD Camera System, with 7” LCD Color Monitor and Multiple Cameras
Special Lighting: Under-Cab Ground Lights, Whelen Freedom 14-LED Lightbar, Six (6) M6 LED Warning Lights
FRC Spectra 20,000 Lumens 2-each Upper Side Scene Lights, FRC Spectra 20,000 Lumens 1-each Brow Light
FRC MAX Vision Tank Level Gauge LED Lights, Driver and Officer Upper Rear Sides of Cab
Two-Tone Cab Paint with Special Break Line
Accommodations for and Mounting of Cab Tilt Controls and Signage (at Mid-Ship Control Module)
Shore Air Inlet/Outlet Couplers, Air Pressure Gauge, and Enclosure with Access Door (Mid-Ship Control Module)
Additional Air Tank Reservoir for High Capacity Air Primer System
Air Tank Bleed Panel with Manual Drain Valves and Tubing for Seven (7) Air Tanks
Engine Exhaust Outlet Configured for Plymovent Exhaust Extraction System
Remote Stainless-Steel Fuel Fill Cubby Body Rear Wheelwell Housing with Access Door
Chassis Spicer Driveline Modifications to Accommodate Mid-Ship Split-Shaft Pump Transmission
Two (2) AC-44 Cast Aluminum Wheel Chocks, Rear Stainless Steel Clad Mud Flaps
Hot-Shift PTO with Spicer Driveline extending to Power Foam System Remote Mounted Hydraulic Pump

Apparatus Body

Apparatus Body is to be Custom Designed to Accommodate the CIFA/Irving Fire Boom with Outriggers
Polished Stainless Steel Outrigger Panels to be furnished, attached to/extending with Outriggers
Tandem Axle 3-Segment Pumper Tender Industrial Fire Apparatus Body, Compartmented with Hose Bed
Hose Bed Area, located Overhead the Foam Tank, Aluminum Floor Gratings
Double-Panel Natural Finish Brushed Stainless Steel Hose Bed Risers/Body Side Panels
Hose Bed Fall Arrest System with Six (6) Pivoting Slip-In Eyelet Style Anchor Points, Hose Restraint at Rear
Embossed 3/16-inch Aluminum Treadplate Rear Tailboard, with Stainless Steel Understructure
Integral Chassis Frame Rail Tow Eyes, Stainless Steel Tubular Body Subframe, Under-Floor Supports
12-Gauge 304-Stainless Steel Fabricated Apparatus Body and Compartments, All-Bolted Construction
Eight (8) Fully Enclosed Driver & Officer Side Compartments, with Painted Locking Style Roll-Up Doors
Compts: Filtered Vents, Adjustable Shelf Brackets, Door Bundle Encapsulators, Pull-Down Door Straps
Two (2) Heavy Capacity Roll-Out Aluminum Floor Trays, one (1) Adjustable Height Roll-Out Tray, Tray Tiles
Five (5) Adjustable Height Heavy Capacity Compt Shelves, Shelf Tiles
Four (4), 2-SCBA Bottle Compartments, located in 2-each Driver and 2-each Officer Side Wheel Well Housings
One (1) Wheel Chock Compartment, located in Driver Side Wheel Well Housing, for 2-Non-Folding Large Chocks
One (1) CENTER TNDMS, located in Officer Side Wheel Well Housing, for 2-AIR BOTTLES
Ten (1) Folding Steps, located: 2-each Driver and Officer Front Body Corners, 6-each Rear Driver-Officer Sides
One (1) Embossed 3/16-inch Aluminum Treadplate Intermediate Body Height, Rear Full Width Step
Four(4) outrigger panels. 2each side
Outrigger pad storage

Fire Pump System

Waterous CRU-2 4000-GPM Rear-Mounted Fire Pump with Inducer Impeller
Waterous TC-21 Chain Style Mid-Ship Mounted Fire Pump Split-Shaft Transmission
Pneumatic Fire Pump Shift with Remote Cab Controls and Mid-Mount Control Module Override
Lift-Up Bleeders and Drains for Suctions, Discharges, and Foam Manifold
Two (2) Suction Manifold Pre-Set Bronze Intake Relief Valves
Electronic Engine Governor for Pump Pressure Control, w/Digital Engine Instrumentation
Stand-By Dual (2) Discharge Pressure Relief Valves w/Pressure Single Control and Stand-By Electronic Throttle
Auto Air-Prime System, Three (3) each 2-Barrel Venturi’s and an auxiliary air reservoir
w/Rear Remote Prime Control & Gauge
Overheat Protection Manager, Pump Cooling System
Stainless Steel 12-inch Tubular Pump Suction Manifold with Three (3) Zinc Anodes
Three (3) 8-inch Pump Suction Intakes, reduced to 6-inch NST Male Fittings with Stainless Steel Strainers’
Three (3) TFT 12-volt Jumbo Ball Intake Valves, with Intake Relief Valves and Remote-Control Consoles
One (1) 2.5-inch Ball Gated Pump Suction Inlet
Pump Cooling Discharge to Ground-at Exhaust, Remote-Controlled
Stainless Steel 10-inch Tubular Pump Discharge Manifold with Two (2) Zinc Anodes, Two (2) 8-inch Branches
Stainless Steel 10-inch Discharge to Fire Boom Waterway, 8-inch 12V Butterfly Gate Valve, Remote-Controlled
Two (2) 2.5-inch Foam Capable Discharges, 1-Driver & 1-Officer Side, 12-volt 3.5-inch Remote-Cntrld Valves
Two (2) 5-inch Foam Capable Discharges, 1-Driver & 1-Officer Side, 12-volt 5-inch Remote-Cntrld Valves
Two (2) 6-inch Foam Capable Discharges, 1-Driver & 1-Officer Side, 12-volt 6-inch Remote-Cntrld Valves
Two (2) 4” Foam Capable Rear Deluge Discharges, 12V, 4” Remote-Controlled Valves
Two (2) TFT Y4-E21A, 2000-GPM Rear Monitors, 2-M-ERP Nozzles, and 2-YE-RF-900 Wireless Controls
One (1) 2.5 NST Foam Capable Front Bumper Extension Discharge, 12-volt 2.5-inch Remote-Controlled Valve
AccuMax-3300, Electronically Controlled Multi-Point Direct-Injection, 300-GPM Foam System w/Low-Flow
Stainless Steel Foam Suction and Discharge Manifolds, 6-inch Stainless Steel Foam Concentrate Strainer
Line Control High-Pressure Hose Assemblies, Hydraulic Servo-Controlled Foam Pump Drive with Oil Cooler
Two (2) 3-inch Foam Pump Gated Suctions, 1-Driver & 1-Officer Side, 2.5-inch NST Swivel Female Fittings
300-GPM Foam Tank-to-Foam Pump Ball Gated Suction, with Maintenance Blocking Valve
300-GPM Foam Pump-to-Tank Fill with Maintenance Blocking Valve
Combo Offboard Gated Discharge & Tank Fill
One (1) Master Control Display, Ten (10) Digital Line Control Displays, Manual Override, Low-Flow Option
Mid-Ship Top-Mount Pump Control Module, Dual Access Transverse Walkway
Transverse Hose Bundle Compartment, Driver & Officer Side Equipment Compartments
Full-Width Rear-Facing Top-Mount Pump Control Console and Instrument Panel, Standby Controls Cubby
Digital and Analog Discharge Line Instruments/Gauges, Analog Master Suction and Duplex Foam/Water Gauges
Three (3) 12-volt Power Distribution Panels: 2- Rear Water & Foam Pumps, and 1-Mid-Ship Electronics
LED Foam Tank Level Indicator, Two (2) LED Strip Light Foam Level Light Fixtures
LED Foam Tank Level Indicator, WLA-370-A at Rear of Body
Diesel Fuel Level Gauge, Air Horn Switch, and Color-Coded Gauge Bezels and Control Name Plates
Sweep-out floor in outrigger control area

Booster Tank

Poly 800-Gallon Capacity Foam Concentrate Tank
Horizontal Sleeve or Notch Longitudinally Through Tank for 10-inch Feed to Fire Boom Waterway
One (1) 2.5-inch NST Swivel Female Gated Direct Foam Tank Bottom Fill, 12-volt 2.5-inch Remote-Controlled
Stainless Steel .5-inch Neoprene Rubber Lined Foam/Water Tank Cradle

Special Features

120-volt Shoreline, Kussmaul 20-Amp Super Auto Eject
120-volt Gast Onboard Air Compressor
120-volt Onboard Powermax Automatic Battery Charger

Emergency Warning Devices

LED Emergency Lighting: B, C & D Upper & Lower Whelen M6 Super LED (same as Foam-3)
4-TIR500’s Upper/2-M6 Lower “C”, 4-M9 Upper (adjacent to Scenes), 4-M6 Lower “B & D” Wheel Well & Rear Corners
Traffic Directing 8-LED Light Array, with TACTRL Sequencer (LED Elements in Intermediate Full-Width Step Flange)
Four (4) LED Beacons located below the Horizontal Extending Outriggers
Four (4) LED M6 Warning Lights, located on Outrigger Cover Panels

Exterior Lighting

Power Distribution Center, for Apparatus 12-volt Electrical Circuits, Components, and Fixtures
Surface Illumination, LED Fixtures: Runningboards, Tailboard, Walkway, Rear Intermediate and Folding Steps
Ground Lights, LED Beneath: Chassis Cab Doors, Mid-Ship Control Module, Apparatus Body Sides, Rear Tailboard
DOT Lighting, LED: Tail, Turn, Back-Up, Rear Marker, Side Marker, Upper Level Marker, Mid-Turn/Marker
LED Scene Lighting (in addition to Chassis Scene Lighting): 4-SPA-260-Q15 2-per Side, 2- SPA900 Rear
Four (4) SPA900 Scene Lights, located on outboard surface of the extending Outrigger Panels